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Good data science invigorates business choices.

At Prime, we know that data science goes way beyond just crunching data and producing precise forecasts for sales, churn, or defaults. Our proprietary data science approach was developed with the broader ambition to make sense of your data pragmatically, yet holistically, thus enabling you to solve concrete idiosyncratic problems and further enhance and articulate your distinct competitive advantage.

Our approach builds upon and expands CRISP-DM: we explore and analyze the data from all angles. Our partners’ business needs preeminently factor into this analysis. By employing advanced machine learning, we develop accurate analytical and predictive models. Finally, we continuously refine, so that our partners receive ever more accurate and timely actionable insights.

How does it Work?

Our proprietary BEBOLD data science approach follows 6 agile steps.

  1. Become

    fully acquainted with the business problem and its context by harnessing the top-notch data science and domain expertise of our stellar consulting team.

  2. Evaluate

    the data you have by reviewing both enterprise databases as well as other sources of relevant information, like your website analytics, social media, and consumer insights research.

  3. Build

    a clear picture of the data so that it is readily available to aid in addressing vital business issues, and so it can be modeled or visualized on the website, the internal performance dashboard, or on-the-go, via a mobile app.

  4. Operate

    machine learning models to perform classification, forecasting, sentiment analysis, or image recognition. Prototype and improve through rigorous experimentation until the optimal solution is identified.

  5. Lead

    swiftly into production - either on-premises or on the cloud - and ensure constant model learning and reestimation to improve accuracy despite the inevitable changes in the environment.

  6. Drive

    the organization to quickly act on model findings by consulting on applications, service & process redesign, and change management.

One relevant success story:

Mashreq bank. Digital Transformation.

Reinventing User Channels
We partnered with Mashreqbank PSC, the oldest and one of the largest privately-owned banks in the UAE, providing financial solutions to customers since 1967. In 2019, Mashreq bank started an initiative to completely transform all of its customer-facing channel applications, including their Customer Mobile Banking Application, Customer Desktop Banking Application, Credit Cards Marketing Application, KYC Application and Branch Service Tablet Application.

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