Online gambling portal

Project Scope:

  • To control data flow from front end to back end store system
  • To control illegal user access
  • To provide less than two games
  • To prepare and build financial report every day
  • To can manage system configurations
  • Use the outside payment provider, when user does payment
  • Should be do database replication


The project consist several components software:

  • WEB server – which consist flex part of website and communication with outside. The web server use services from application server, it’s does not know for draw server.
  • Application server – provides services which realize payment structure, game behavior, registration, its stores session data which is base for aim of the website. This server has a task to build daily report from database.
  • Draw server – its aim is control function of financial part of website, its store information which is same as application server. The application server knows for Draw server, but the other way draw server does not know about application server.
  • All server use communication with database.