Electronic automotive system

The Client creates new brand in automotive group. It should to research smart software for high voltage battery system, which use in hybrid cars and tracks. That is new generation of the automotive industry. The aim of the project is: more long life of battery, when it use hard. Optimize the quality of the battery charging. Raise the life safety (the working voltage more than 400V and current more than 4A).

Project Scope:

  • To control physical and chemical processes in the battery.
  • To manage charger process of the battery.
  • To send/receive information to/from other car devices using CAN communication.
  • To manage life safety mechanism.
  • Project Solution: The project consist several components as hardware and software.
  • Lithium-ion battery pack (HW)
  • External charger system (HW)
  • Battery Management unit (HW) – that is hardware board which control all signals and communications in smart battery system.
  • Low level management software – this layer play role as driver to the microcontroller device unit and its external component environment.
  • Application level of management software. – This part of software realize main algorithm, which control all physical and chemical processes in the battery, the battery protection from stress values. Protection from High Voltage and Current in car chassis. Prevent human life.


Microsoft VC 6

  • OS under Automotive standard like Vector OS, Standard Core etc.
  • Cross compiler depend on microcontroller(NEC)
  • Microcontroller framework environment

Project Results:

The results from project are few:

  • The petrol/diesel consummation is less
  • The CO2 in town environment became less too.
  • The electrical motor gives more power when car drive off.