Bond and Back Office System (BBO)

Bond and Back Office system needed to be:

  • A flexible and cost effective airplane flight logistics solution
  • Out-of-the box solution to integrate back office and handy terminal devices functionality
  • Able to perform secure payment transactions and bank communication
  • Customizable according to airline’s logistics rules and practices
  • Meeting the legal requirements for airplane logistics
  • Able to integrate with existing back office systems via standard interfaces
  • Extensible to support communication with specific client systems and external interfaces.

Project Scope:

  • Setting up loading standards and loading plans. Complete flight logistics management
  • Clear visibility of products pricing for different load plans
  • On-board sales, integrating handheld devices – handling multiple credit cards and currencies in offline mode, and later synchronize with back office systems and payment providers.
  • Back-office integration – feeding the relevant flight logistics and sales payment data into the relevant software systems.
  • Cashier – track sales and payments. Summarize collected data and provide the supervisor with necessary statistic information.
  • Reporting – a set for both managerial and regulative purposes.
  • Secured external systems communication.

Project Solutions:

The solution we created comprises several applications:

  • BBO - airline logistics center. Contains modules to handle airplane loading/unloading, exchanging data between terminal devices’ RAM cards and bond operator machines
  • Crypto Service – windows service, that is located on a dedicated machine. The main goal of this service is to act as black box and cryptography processes will be hidden for all outside of this service.
  • Communication Service – windows service, that is located on a dedicated machine too. - There are several communication protocols implemented into the service. It acts as a single point that connects the BBO with all external systems. BBO is based on


Above all, the application provides the much required legal compliancy of the airlines logistics process. The greatest advantage of BBO is its flexibility. Customization for a client needs costs only slight modification or extension of already built functionality pieces.