Automotive System Visualization

Project Scope:

  • Collect information from all car devices
  • Store important problem in diagnostic area, which help when car in service, to repair easy and fast.
  • Visualization main important metric, and all errors or warnings that refer to drive and live safety.
  • Give information about Speed, RPM, fuel, water temperature.

Project Solution

The project slit up in few parts:

  • Stepper motor management, if we have mechanical speed and RPM pointers. The stepper motor needs to manage specifically, for this case they have special algorithm for this aim and apply manufacture requirements. The stepper motors should calibrate in the phase of production.
  • Operation logic for error and warnings. This software applies thresholds over input data, and takes solution what happen with car, if the result is under/upper from work area for particular parameter, algorithm store appropriate marker for this problem in permanent diagnostic zone.
  • Algorithms that calculate data from external devices. That part of software, take data from CAN communication and does calculation for, wheel revolution, car speed, tank fuel, how many kilometers car drive with same oil etc.

Hardware components

  • Design part
  • Mechanical part


  • Microsoft VC 6
  • OS under Automotive standard like Vector OS, Standard Core etc.
  • Cross compiler depend on microcontroller(NEC, Fujitsu, Renesas)
  • Microcontroller framework environment