About Stormfors

Stormfors is an independent digital agency focusing on creating new business for B2B companies. Developing and constantly improving is their main driving force. Therefore, Stormfors measures themselves based on how satisfied their customers are, which helps them continuously develop their deliveries and improve their partnerships. Partnership for Stormfors means they understand their customers' affairs, cooperate closely and are proactive - really. Stormfors award-winning designers, developers, strategists and project managers share all the ability to achieve rapid improvement.

About Wiveca von Seth Renée

CEO at Stormfors

I am Wiveca, I'm the CEO at Stormfors, a Digital Agency in Sweden. As a creative and strategic doer, I work hard to encourage growth amongst my colleagues, making me an appreciated leader. My profile includes a wide array of proven skills that consistently generate results. I'm a commercial B2B and B2C marketer with a digital background with great knowledge in building marketing organisations where marketing focus is in transformation. My skill set includes a strong understanding of marketing from both a traditional as a new marketing perspective, effective communication skills, and an analytical approach to problem solving.

Can you describe us your work and what you were looking for?

We are looking for developers for our customer projects. In our business, it is normal to have spikes of workload and we needed a flexible partner to help us handle professionally all requests.

How long have you been working with Prime?

We have been working with Prime for the last 6 months. We are feeling confident that our relationship will continue to develop in the future as well.

What do you find most valuable in our partnership?

The flexibility, and scope of services. We are able to discuss our needs in details and agree on what makes sense for us.

Back in the day, why did you choose Prime?

The high level of service and customer focus. We feel our voice is always heard, and the team makes everything they can to support us.

It's an easy, flexible and a very smooth solution if you would like to work with outsourcing of developers!
Wiveca von Seth Renée
CEO at Stormfors

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