About Purple Scout AB

Purple Scout AB is a Software development and Consulting company working primarily with Java related technologies. Their speciality is within Business Intelligence, Portals, Open Source, Mobile and Internet of things. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Malmo, Sweden - with subsidiary in Gothenburg.

About Jörgen Buder

CTO at Purple Scout AB

I am Jörgen Buder, CTO at Purple Scout AB, I am an innovator and idealist, I see solutions when there are problems and I really don't see anything we can´t do, my mind daily works creatively on ideas, solutions and new concepts with a strong focus on non technical issues, even though the technology is often the key to the solutions.

My work always has a business edge to provide value and sustainability. I lead, gentle, firm and towards both strong and clear goals as towards mental health and personal development. I have an exceptional interest in people sociology and psychology. I am a mobile development trainer and attend as a speaker at conferences.

Can you describe us your work and what you were looking for?

Getting the right people is the hardest thing, not only skill matters, also how you work, like transparency, honesty and proactivity is important skills we look for when choosing a person or a partner.

How long have you been working with Prime?

For a couple of years we worked intensively in teams to produce mobile cross platform apps.

What do you find most valuable in our partnership?

I think what was essential in our partnership was the ability to be honest and transparent and to rather ask more than less. Admitting that you do not always now everything is essential to grow. At the time, the people in the teams were exceptionally engaged, interested and showed a great spirit.

Back in the day, why did you choose Prime?

Engagement and transparency but maybe most important genuine interest in their craftmanship of building great code.

Prime provides good people, engaged, and skilled. Also for us the culture that is similar to ours is essential to work together.
Jorgen Buder
CTO at Purple Scout AB

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