About Lykke Corp

Lykke is creating a single global marketplace, where any sort of financial instrument can be traded and settled peer to peer with second-by-second interest payments. Unlike the structure of prevailing markets, Lykke will be a level playing field to which anyone with an Internet connection can have access.

Lykke marketplace utilizes blockchain pioneered by Bitcoin to offer immediate settlement and direct ownership. All the software that serves as the foundation of the market is developed in open source.

Commissions are zero. Lykke anticipate ample trade volumes. Lykke revenue will come from providing liquidity, offering issuance services, and supporting institutional clients.

About Andrey Migin

CIO at Lykke Corp

I am Andrey Migin, CIO at Lykke Corp. I am a team leader with more than 8 years of professional experience in FX marketplace systems development. I am leading the engineering department of Lykke Corp. and I am responsible for the successful execution of all technological projects in the company.

Can you describe us your work and what you were looking for?

We are working on multiple cryptocurrency projects in parallel and not always have the capacity to execute all ideas and improvements we want to introduce. For one of these projects, coming directly from our investors, we decided to engage with Prime and see if we can implement it together.

How long have you been working with Prime?

We have been working with Prime for the last 3-4 months. The relationship developed gradually as we were getting to know more people from the team.

What do you find most valuable in our partnership?

Open minds, always bringing new ideas on the table and trying to find the best way to implement a solution.

Back in the day, why did you choose Prime?

We have not worked with companies from Bulgaria before. We are always trying to work with people from different countries to understand specifics and wide out our IT market. Prime was first from the region and we are trying to be open minded. So we got in!

Open minds remove borders creating products. This is a case!
Andrey Migin
CIO at Lykke Corp

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