About Lockside

Lockside was established in 1995 to help producers of large catalogs cut their lead time in half. Lockside is technically strong at cloud computing and web based applications, using Ruby on Rails. Lockside provides turnkey, secure web shops in addition to its PIM and catalog production software. “We see ourselves as specialist in eCommerce web development and web applications for B2B and B2C” says Peter Ritchie a director of Lockside.

Lockside is based in Newbury 60 minutes from London, UK with partners in Detroit, USA.

About Peter Ritchie

Director of Lockside Software Limited

I am Peter Ritchie, I am a Director of Lockside Software Limited, a UK based software development house specialising in PIM and publication production systems. My technology career began with the launch of the personal computer and the advent of desktop publishing. It was clear that the PC would revolutionise publishing.

I moved with technology and built our company to provide solutions for product marketing. I have adapted the company as the market moved from paper to web, from DTP to HTML and all the technologies spawned by the internet from XML to JSON and the entire open source movement. My career in information technology at nearly 30 years exceeds my earlier career in marketing.

Can you describe us your work and what you were looking for?

The Windows PC is still the platform of choice within the office so when our customers seek help with Microsoft based systems we seek external partners that we can rely on, like an extension of our own team. The speed of change in technology makes it harder and more expensive to maintain resources in-house. While many development companies outsource to Asia, we prefer to pay more and benefit from a more local timezone and the predictable efficiency we get from Prime.

How long have you been working with Prime?

We have been working with Prime since 2007 when they built an early web application for us on a .NET platform. The brief from the client was poor and the way that Prime supported us to deliver what the client needed made me realise the potential of the partnership.

What do you find most valuable in our partnership?

A combination of in depth knowledge of pragmatic development, communications skills and an absence of surprises. Above all, Prime say what they will do and then do what they say they will do.

Back in the day, why did you choose Prime?

Prime has great communication skills using a combination of technology and person to person plain speaking. With software development communication is an art. Prime understood agile development before the term was invented. All of this was delivered at an attractive price.

Prime is an organisation you can trust to deliver quality work, on time, on budget.
Peter Ritchie
Director, Lockside Software Ltd

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