About Jigsaw Meeting

Jigsaw is the leading edge, multi-dimensional virtual environment for the next era in training and education. Its intuitive interface is a catalyst that transforms virtual training and virtual learning from passive listening to active, personalized learning. The content agnostic platform features interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and a reporting mechanism to evaluate each training, session or class. As a privately owned company headquartered in Atlanta, Jigsaw’s executives created the personalized virtual learning platform to enable millions of people to improve themselves and their colleagues by sharing the knowledge.

About Josette Fleszar

President and CEO at Jigsaw Meeting

Josette brings to Jigsaw more than 28 years of hands-on and managerial experience, particularly in the healthcare financial industry.

She has worked with multiple health care companies around the U.S. most of her career to constantly improve collections and cash flow (oftentimes by more than 100%), including Medical University of South Carolina for which she collected more than $90 million in outstanding receivables following Hurricane Hugo.

Prior to founding Jigsaw, Fleszar founded RPM (Receivable Process Management), which worked with the executive teams of both large and small healthcare facilities designing financial strategies to ensure maximize reimbursement for services provided. Four years later, RPM merged with Third Millennium Healthcare Systems, Inc. as a strategic opportunity to broaden the scope of impact on the financial position and provide additional software options for health care entities. Two years following that, Third Millennium/RPM became a division of CareMedic Systems, Inc., a $52M organization with numerous software platforms designed to assist in financial improving healthcare entities’ profitability.


Before working with Prime Holding, Jigsaw used to employ a few local programmers, who were fluent in one technology only and could not handle the various engineering requests like system administration and complicated feature development. Tight deadlines made it even harder for the small team to follow best practices in software development. Reaction time was very slow and large pieces of new functionality were impossible to implement within the timeframes requested by the existing and potential client.

Due to the hardware architecture, Jigsaw could not handle large number of simulations users, session number capacity, simultaneous session numbers, etc., requested by the large potential clients who had thousands of existing end clients.

The Solution

Prime Holding moved the product on an Amazon infrastructure, making it scalable and independent. With the strong production processes set through the years, all milestones and releases are happening smoothly and invisible for the end clients.

In order to improve product’s quality Prime Holding has initiated creation of a custom Testing Framework and built its own product API for making real testing. Reaction time on clients’ requests was increased dramatically; Product support was extended with 7 hours’ non-active business time for USA.

The Result

For the last couple of years, Prime Holding’s dedicated team covers all technologies and technical support in accordance with the product’s development needs. The team always looks ahead to the cutting-edge technologies and keeps the Jigsaw competitive and up to date.

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