About DriveRight

DriveRight Ltd is an independent provider of wheel and tyre fitment data founded 2001 in the UK. We established a database of vehicle fitments in 2003 and offered online data to manufacturers and retailers throughout Europe. The number of tyre fitments in DriveRight’s database expanded from 31,000 chassis fitments in March 2010 to currently over 100,000.

The product range that we offer starts by an online tool called TyreFit 5.0 that gives customers access to an online vehicle fitment database for wheels and tyres, including OE and option fitments, and plus/minus sizing fitment information. The same data is also available over a host of web services that will cater for your tyre, wheel or vehicle needs. Additional we offer a brought range of product data for tyre and wheels including images and the related fitments for the automotive / tyre and wheel industry.

About Charlotte Bailey

CTO for DriveRight Ltd

I am Charlotte Bailey, CTO for DriveRight Ltd. We have offices in UK, Germany, USA, NZ and Brazil. I am based in NZ.

Can you describe us your work and what you were looking for?

We need a development team who we can trust to help us in urgent situations, resolve programming issues, or to work through larger projects from start to finish, offering advice if Prime feels that an improvement can be made to our request.

How long have you been working with Prime?

We have worked directly with Prime for about 5 years.

What do you find most valuable in our partnership?

The pool of talented engineers that you have available. Flexibility when we have large projects. Great communication (in fluent English). We trust Prime and value their knowledge within their own skills sets and also in what we do.

Back in the day, why did you choose Prime?

To have a pool of skilled developers on call, rather than rely on one individual, who were experts in their field who could help us implement what we needed for our clients. We had worked indirectly with Prime prior to this, but needed the direct contact to keep communication strong and clear.

Reliable, good communication, skilled professionals who take pride in their work.
Charlotte Bailey
CTO for DriveRight Ltd

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