About BetterSkills

BetterSkills allows companies to grow, develop and retain their human capital by providing them with the tools and methodologies necessary to equip their employees with versatile skillsets and robust competencies crucial to the ongoing success in their careers.

About Tanya Bakalov

CEO and Founder of BetterSkills Inc.

Tanya has more than 10 years of experience in the high tech industry. Her career has included a variety of leadership roles in business operations, go to market strategy, corporate development, organizational hiring, SaaS and enterprise, and software solution selling.

In 2005, Tanya co-founded SevOne, a successful digital infrastructure management company, and in 2016, Tanya became the Founder and CEO of BetterSkills Inc., a dynamic company helping organizations manage their employees’ talent and professional development.


The client needed an agile, flexible SaaS system, which operates seamlessly and is highly scalable to meet the needs of a fast growing organization. It should have options to connect to third party data providers and provide an easy way to transfer data to and from them. User Interface has to be clean, modern, eye catching and self-explanatory. As the system stores very sensitive information for companies, we provide high durability and maximum security of the data, without affecting performance.

The Solution

We have developed a cloud based distributed system with RESTful API and modern, reliable and secure Angular 2 front end. The setup architecture ensures seamless function of the system even with a very large amount of users and optimizes the cost by allowing us to add resources on demand. With fully automated deployment and fail-safe setup on Amazon Web Services platform, we have secured 99.99% uptime. Being a SAAS platform it is crucial to ensure continuous integration and constant monitoring using the latest technologies.

The Result

BetterSkills successfully executed its GTM strategy and launched a SaaS platform geared towards tracking employee performance. The product development is ongoing bringing on board new and exciting feature requests from clients.

Working with Prime Holding I've been able to assemble my dream team to build the product from an idea to a full launch. From product management to UX design, DevOps and QA Automation to the latest front and back end technologies like AngularJS and MongoDB we have been able to cover the full stack to create our successful product BetterSkills. I have the privilege of working with the smartest, most creative and dedicated individuals while not worried about day to day operations and logistics.
Tanya Bakalov
CEO and Founder of BetterSkills Inc.

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